aha by creativistan

Aye, it was great. See flickr for more and more pictures and why not come along next time in august?


AHA! thanks for everyone who came around yesterday!

from left: Reinhard, Wal, Renee, James, James, Katya, Gareth

from left: Josh, Nick, Kyle, Oksana

Designer like boring pictures

Ray competes with the commercial tavern decor

from left: Christos, Oksana, Marco

from left: Constantin, Gareth, Stavvy, Nick, Julien


Dear Friends,

On Behalf of the Republic of Creativistan we would like to welcome you in our Nation.
We would like to apologize for the delays that occur during the set-up of our country but you have to understand that things in Creativistan are frantic at the moment as we all working hard for it. However we would like to inform you that in some days from now you will be able to learn everything you wanted to know about Creativistan.


The art of war?

War, unexperienced by our country for long times. Decades. Last one, around 1200 was because of papyrus shortage – very important ressource! Why here they fight over oil? Useless smelly stuff, sad colour as well. Last week we visit Imperial War Museum. Interesting. Maybe we need army? Army of ideas.


A new nation was born today!